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Corporate travel arrangements enable companies to send employees to locations across the nation and around the world for business purposes. These trips can provide networking opportunities, sales and business development opportunities, training sessions and educational seminars. These trips can also be used to build teamwork in new environments which can open up new perspectives and strengthen working relationships. Additionally, companies can profit from cost savings through corporate travel discounts on flights and hotels.

Often, someone is responsible for managing and monitoring the corporate travel arrangements. Depending on the size of the company this could be an entire department or a single employee. In smaller companies the likelihood is that this responsibility will be a burden on someone in the administration or finance departments as part of their larger job description.

However, the responsibilities and requirements of a corporate travel program can be stressful and time-consuming. Transferring the administration of travel programs might be a good option for companies who want to control costs while also ensuring compliance with the policy and manage their budget. Those that do choose to outsource this responsibility may choose to work with a third-party firm or a travel technology platform designed for corporate travel. The aim is to streamline bookings, increase transparency, and minimize the leakage of money through automated expense tracking. This can help businesses save money as well as make the planning and execution of corporate travel easier for all parties involved.


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